Sebastian Vettel girlfriend Hanna Prater

See who Hanna Prater actualy is and learn more about Sebastian Vettel girlfriend and their relationship. This is not official website, it was made by fans of Hanna and Sebastian.

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Hanna PraterHanna Prater

All F1 fans know who is Sebastian Vettel and some of you even know Sebastian Vettel girlfriend Hanna Prater. She is German and they are dating since 2007 when they met in high school. You hardly find anything about Sebastian Vettel girlfriend Hanna Prater because he is really careful and try to hide his personal life. She doesn’t even go to his races and we don’t see her in the paddock often, because he really thinks if she would come to his race, he would feel some necessity to look after her. And ofcourse we understand he is too busy focusing on race. Otherwise she is constantly following his progress and she is very proud of him. RedBull team told he never introduced her, but they think this is normal, because they encourage him to focus on his carrer. They both live together in Ellinghausen, Switzerland. (more…)

Hanna Prater, Sebastian Vettel Girlfriend

Hanna Prater is a British mother Norwegian girl who currently has a relationship with Formula 1 driver Sebastien Vettel. In fact, Vettel’s girlfriend met three years ago through which have passed various potholes and they have been seen together on vacation, taking advantage of the holiday enjoyed by all Formula 1 drivers.

Hanna Prater

She is Hanna Prater, girlfriend of German Sebastian Vettel, three times champion of F1. Hanna was born in 1987 in Germany and already has several years of relationship with the Red Bull driver, since they met in high school. (more…)

Cute Sebastian Vettel Girlfriend 2013

Not to put this-the woman’s name to their cars-the only hobby Sebastian Vettel. The boy has gone very superstitious with Sebastian Vettel girlfriend 2013. Among the laces of his boot is placed always a lucky coin before a race. Perhaps the currency is the special penny that has already spoken on other occasions. This penny gave it his father after a crash Karts, and is held by a small golden pig. Will that currency your piggy of luck or is that the pilot carries two different amulets? Also spoke on occasion of the pilot has run with medals from his socks to ward off bad luck. With so much weight on the legs of Vettel’s no wonder that run both, I would definitely be easier to step on the accelerator.

Sebastian Vettel Girlfriend

But it is not the whole thing with Sebastian Vettel girlfriend 2013. We know that the pilot has a manager as such, and do not know because he does not trust anyone. Vettel thinks that this job is very easy to be fooled and do not want to take that risk. It has also come to recognize that one day they changed the track after crossing a black cat. And one last mania: Unable to start a career if it comes out the left side. At least, it seems strange that all precautions have been effective. Now is the world champion Formula 1, and it is no longer removed anyone. (more…)

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